Producing boilies is our core business. The production line is developed and built according to the highest quality standards, where the entire production process is automated where possible. Grinding raw materials, mixing, weighing the base mix, dispensing preservatives and water. Everything is fully automated, so that in this complicated process no human mistakes can be made.

We can produce boilies in diameters from 8 till 30 mm. Also dumbells, boiliepellets and pre-drilled hook baits are possible. Besides regular boilies, we also produce very attractive water soluble boilies.Packed in the quantity and packaging to your liking, where it is also possible to develop your own style of packaging for your brand.

We can produce boilies in all sorts of qualities, from budget to the best quality available on the market. Fully composed and packed to suit the client’s wishes.If you want more information or a quotation, please contact us.




8 mm pre drilled mini boilies are great for Method fishing.

 Behind the scenes