KCB International buys many liquid in large quantities, allowing us to often make sharper offers on lower quantities than the factories themselves. Some liquid are delivered by truck and filled in 1000 liter IBC’s onsite, others directly in 1000 liter IBC’s.


Some examples are:

– Liquid Krill hydrolyzate

– Salminol (salmon protein hydrolyzate)

– Aminol (hydrolyzate of sea fish)

– Green Lipped Mussel Extract

– Scotisch Salmon Oil

– Liquid Liver

The liquids are packed in a container to your liking and are already available in 25 liter Jerry cans from our stock. Please contact us for a complete price list.


Aminol (hydrolyzate of sea fish)

Krill Liquid

Liquid Krill hydrolyzate

rr liquid

Haiths Liquid Robin Red


GLM Liquid

Green Lipped Mussel extract

Liquid liver

Liquid Liver


Salminol (salmon protein hydrolyzate)

Dips & Soaks


We also produce Dips & Soaksourselves.All colors and smells are possible. We can perfectly match a Dip to your boilies and Pop-up’s. But also additional additives, such as for example coarse chili powder in order to get a good color effect,is possible. The Dips & Soaks are filled in a bottle or jar of your choice and can be, if desired, provided with your own label or sticker.