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Kuijpers Petfood BV is a production company located in the Bavaria industrial estate in Lieshout. Kuijpers Petfood is part of KCB International BV, the world's largest private label production company in fish feed for angling. 

Kuijpers Petfood BV produces bird feed for outdoor birds. Bird peanut butter, scattering feed, peanut nets, and tit balls are our core business. We are the world's largest producer of bird peanut butter and have a capacity of 12 million jars per year. 

We specialize in large volumes for discounters, garden centers, supermarket chains, and pet food wholesalers. With our extensive range of bird feeds, we offer a one-stop-shop where you as a customer only have to deal with one company, saving time, transportation, and having only one point of contact for all your outdoor bird feeds. 

We operate fully according to the HACCP standard, are audited by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, and are a registered animal feed production company under number NL21366.

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Bird Peanut Butter

Bird peanut butter is our main product, and the production line is entirely built in-house, with only one of its kind in the world. The production process, including producing 100% recyclable PET jars from granulate, grinding and mixing the ingredients, adding the seed mixture, and blending the peanut butter, is fully automated and computer-controlled, ensuring no room for errors and maintaining consistent quality. 

We have the following types of bird peanut butter in our assortment:

  • Natural bird peanut butter
  • Bird peanut butter with Mealworms
  • Bird peanut butter with Nuts
  • Bird peanut butter with Apple
  • Bird peanut butter with Mixed Berries
  • Bird peanut butter with Sunflower Seeds 

Of course, we can produce many other variations upon request. Since we handle everything in-house, we can quickly adapt and respond to market demands

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About Us

Kuijpers Petfood BV is the world's largest producer of bird peanut butter. We have designed our own production line that fully automates the production of fully recyclable PET jars from granulate using a one-step stretch molding machine. This machine is in-line with the filler, labeling machine, box sealer, and palletizing robot. By producing our own jars, we can consult with the customer on whether to use new PET or 100% recycled PET, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. By producing the jars ourselves, we save a significant number of truck trips with empty jars, contributing to a better environment. With 950 solar panels on our production facility, we operate almost CO2-neutral! 

What we do well today, we aim to improve tomorrow. Therefore, Kuijpers Petfood BV operates based on a set of core values that guide our business processes and improvement strategies

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