KCB International is registered as a feed producer under producer number NL211366, according to EC Regulation No. 183/2005. Fishing baits are considered animal feed for food-producing animals. By adhering to this European quality standard, our factory can guarantee the highest possible product quality. Within our production environment, we follow our own quality manual, which ensures that processes and procedures are well-established. We are regularly monitored by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority to ensure compliance with regulations. Product and process quality are of utmost importance to KCB International!

KCB International operates according to a HACCP quality system. By utilizing this risk analysis, we can ensure a consistent quality of our products. Here are some examples of measures we have taken in our process:

  • Our entire production facility is equipped with liquid-tight floors and walls, allowing thorough cleaning after production.
  • All machines that come into contact with boilies or other products are made of food-grade materials such as plastic or stainless steel.
  • Samples are taken and evaluated from all incoming raw materials, as well as from all products produced by us. Through lot and batch numbers, it is possible to trace which raw materials from which production dates are used in each batch of feed or boilies, even years later.
  • Product quality is controlled in our own laboratory through measurements such as moisture content, ensuring optimal hardness and shelf life.
  • Quality assurance also includes pest control. Weekly inspections are conducted in and around our premises, and preventive measures are implemented to eliminate any risks.

As you can see, we take every possible step to ensure a consistently high quality of our products, making us a reliable and professional partner you can trust.


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