Tigernuts are well-known in the world of fishing. These originally African groundnuts are cultivated in West Africa. They are primarily grown for the African and Spanish markets, where they are used to make tigernut milk (Horchata). Tigernuts grow underground, and the plant resembles grass. The nuts are planted in April and harvested in November and December.

We import the Tigernuts ourselves directly from Africa, and they arrive at our facility in sea containers. At our production location, we have a washing facility that we built specifically for cleaning and purifying the Tigernuts. This cleaning process is essential because when Tigernuts come out of the ground, they may contain bits of roots, pieces of wood, stones, and floating Tigernuts. Only by cleaning the Tigernuts first can we guarantee the best possible quality! The pure nuts are then sorted by size and packaged according to your preferences.

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