KCB International specializes in producing various types of hookbaits. We manufacture Pop-ups, which are floating boilies used exclusively as hook bait. We produce various types of Pop-ups. In addition to Pop-ups, we also produce Wafters, which are boilies that sink slowly to the weight of the hook. Furthermore, we offer a complete package for Method/Commercial fishing in the form of mini pop-ups, wafters, mini dumbbells, and pre-drilled mini boilies. All types of hookbaits are available in both fluorescent and regular colors.

In addition to the hookbaits mentioned above, we also offer the option to order "hard hookbaits" made from a chosen boilie recipe. These are enriched with a large amount of egg albumin and dried extra long, making them perfect for use as hook bait when targeting dwarf catfish or crayfish. It is also possible to order a pliable boilie paste, which can be easily molded around both lead and hook bait.

All types of hookbaits are available in bulk or can be packaged in small quantities, with or without your own label.

Hookbaits are produced in batches of 50kg, which can be divided into multiple diameters if needed. Additionally, the most popular sizes and colors of Pop-ups and Hookbaits are available from stock, unflavored, in 1kg bags. We can customize these according to your chosen flavor or combination of flavors.

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