Boilie production is our core business. At KCB International, we have two boilie production lines with a capacity of 10,000kg per day. These production lines have been fully assembled and built in-house, with the entire process automated wherever possible. The base mix is freshly ground and automatically mixed using our self-developed process software. Additionally, the base mix, preservative, and water are dosed entirely automatically into the dough mixer, ensuring that no human errors can occur in this complex process.

We can produce boilies in diameters ranging from 8 to 30 mm. In addition, we also manufacture dumbbells, catfish pellets, pop-ups, wafters, and pre-drilled hookbaits for method fishing. Boilies are available in all desired qualities and price ranges, from budget to the best available on the market. The recipe can be fully customized according to the customer's preferences.

Subsequently, we can package boilies on one of our three packaging lines, with or without custom labels. We have a bulk packaging line for packaging ranging from 2 to 20kg, using either transparent or printed PE film. Additionally, we have a fully automatic carousel for packaging flat bags and doypack pouches. Finally, we can also package boilies in high-quality printed PET/PE laminates.

If you require custom printed packaging, we can fully oversee this process and order the packaging for you from our selected suppliers.

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